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Here at A Plus Driving I am often asked how long should the driving lesson be and how many driving lessons per week should you have?

Many driving schools will tell you that you MUST have 2 hour lessons as they are best - yes best for the driving school but rarely best for the pupil. For most 2 hours is just far too long to fully concentrate for.


With A Plus Driving you can have 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons, whatever suits you - not us.  I will never treat any pupil as a cash cow, there just to get as much money as possible from. Usually 1 or 2 lessons per week is easily enough to get a quick test pass.


Again it's your choice, here at A Plus Driving we fit in with you


It's your lesson, have it your way.

  • 1 hour lesson - £27

  • 1.5 hour lesson - £40

  • 2 hour lesson - £54

  • 10 hour Block payment - £250 (saving £20)

  • 2 hour Motorway lesson - £60

  • 6 hour Pass Plus course £170  (the cost of this course can often be paid for with the possible savings from your insurance policy. Check with your insurance company how much you can save)


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